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About Us

Helping Families One Day At a Time

    The North One Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping single mothers/fathers, nuclear families and extended families who do not have enough funding and access to government assistance. We aim to reach out a helping hand and provide financial assistance for them to live a more improved life while creating a brighter future for their children. This is a One Time Opportunity per family because we want to be fair and assist as many families across Canada and other countries in the future.

     We are here to help families that need a fresh start, but do not know where to begin. Families that are not under government assistance but are currently working to sustain their needs, are the priority of this foundation.

     We will help families pay off outstanding bills, including medical bills, student loans, and down payment for a home or car of their own. For working families living in homeless shelters or rooms The North One Foundation is ready to secure them a home and shoulder rent for the first three months. We would like to help as many families as possible.

Our Story



             Hello and welcome to The North One Foundation. My name is Natasha and I was born in New York with a Caribbean background and graduated with a degree in Public Administration. Currently, I have three kids whom I love dearly.

     More than five years ago, I moved to Canada and realized that many families work hard but only live from paycheck to paycheck. Many of these families live with extended families and pay a high-cost rent. On top of that, they cannot even get assistance from the government because the make a little over the requirements or they just don’t qualify.

     Many of my friends in the US have gone through this and on many occasions, I have tried to help them as I can’t stand seeing mothers or fathers struggling to provide for their families. Sometimes we just need that little help. When the pandemic happened, I had a lot of time to sit down and think due to the lockdown. With some time in my hands, I realized that my mission in life is to help families live a better-quality life by getting rid of that obstacle in the way.

    I want to help single, nuclear, and extended families by paying off one of their major bills — such as student loans, medical bills, utility and other bills — that may be stopping them from achieving their goals. I want to help families get out homeless shelters/or a room by paying their rent and security deposit for the first three months. This way, I can make a difference in not just one but many families and continue to grow from there. I also have a wonderful Team that are pushing for our goal to help many families.



                   Our Heartfelt Invitation



    Because we are a budding foundation, we are going to need all the help we can get to continue supporting these families. At The North One Foundation, we want to change as many lives as possible, but we can’t do that on our own.

     With our limited resources, we will only be able to help a limited number of families. With your help, we can adapt a faster pace so we can hand a fresh start to many more families as soon as possible.

     Donations will greatly appreciated and will go a very long way in making a difference in these families lives. Support our cause :-)

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